Good friend Coleman just left town, after visiting with Michelle and I for a couple of weeks. While he was here we dragged him all over San Francisco to farmer’s markets, restaurants, parks, hills, bars, etc. And a couple of clubs.

I’m just starting to get a handle on the rich electronic music scene in the Bay Area, picking up names and good sounds on the occasional jaunt out to a club (I’m not really into club culture at all, but if that’s where some of these folks play, it’s where I’ll be some of the time).

One justly-hyped act is Lazer Sword (composed of two guys, Low Limit and Lando Kal) who throw together a glitchy, wobbly mix of electronic and hip hop (indie & top 40). I can’t write music descriptions worth a damn, so do yourself a favor and check their Myspace page, which has links to a few of their mixes (Sweatpants Money being the latest).


Anyway, Michelle and I had heard Lando Kal play at an upscale lounge club a while ago, and the Cole-man tracked down an underground party on July 4th that we checked out. It was at a private loft in SOMA, devoid of club bullshit, full of sweaty kids having a blast. All the DJs really threw it down that night, most especially Ana Sia, and I was amazed at how intense the bass was. I love it! Lazer Sword did a great job, but most of my dancing energy was expended by the time they got on, as I had been going for 2 hrs straight at least.

And then, on Coleman’s last night in town, he and I went to the Elbo Room in the Mission to check these guys out. It was so foggy out, like a Florida summer downpour with the volume turned down to 1: we were being rained upon, but ever so gently. The venue was nice and clean (perhaps too nice? I felt out of place, as if I should have had more disposable income). Good thing we went, tho, because it turned out that Lando Kal is moving to NYC (sometime this week/end?), and so this was to be Lazer Sword’s last Bay Area show for some time.

I won’t say too much about the opening act, Savoy, except that they were some kind of live band/laptop DJ hybrid, that seemed to successfully muddle the best possibilities of either way of making music. Eh.

But Lazer Sword got on, and played for as long as they could before the club kicked everyone out (little over an hour), and we all got down. Such fun, such great exercise. Gonna miss these guys, will have to keep an ear out for more talent, I know it’s out here!


~ by plastron on July 20, 2009.

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