food lately

This here is a tea egg– apparently a typical Chinese street snack, made by first soft-boiling the egg in water, then cracking the shell a bit, then boiling it longer in tea and soy sauce. There’s an ice cream & crepes shop near my apartment that sells them for 75 cents apiece. This one wasn’t bad, and didn’t have as strong a taste as I might have thought. Cool-looking, huh?

This week I tried adding about a tablespoon of plain yogurt to two scrambled eggs just as they were done, and mixing it all in (I also add plenty of ground pepper and a bit of turmeric to my eggs). Makes for a creamy & tart breakfast, spread on toast. The yogurt we’ve been buying at a nearby Russian market is called “Suzme,” and is incredibly creamy and real tasting.

Lately I have been pureeing vegetables for sauces and soups, then straining them for a smooth consistency. Last week I made a soup this way with a sweet potato, roasted red bell & Anaheim peppers, carrots, onions, scallions, garlic, and some spicy peppers. It was hecka spicy! (sidenote: apparently “hecka” is a regional substitute for “hella” used by polite young’uns in the Bay Area… hilarious, yes?)

So, the soup was spicy and delicious, but not the most exciting thing to eat without some textural solids. So the next day for lunch, I made some gemelli pasta and mixed the soup into that. Made for a great pasta sauce, and I think I may prepare this cold sometime for a picnic pasta salad.


~ by plastron on June 17, 2009.

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