Nice cream

It’s been really overcast and/or foggy lately, so yesterday Michelle and I headed west and south to the Mission District in an attempt to find some sunlight (our neighborhood and the western half of San Francisco in general can be foggy when it’s sunny elsewhere). It didn’t work, turned out nobody got to see much of the sun here this weekend.

But we did fit in some thrift-store shopping (found a couple of puppets for cheap) and checked out this ice cream joint, Humphrey Slocumbe. They’ve got a variety of interesting flavors (check their list), and I tried the prosciutto and a Thai-chili-lime sorbet before deciding on a scoop of Balsamic Caramel (which was good and weird) and one of Secret Breakfast (bourbon with cornflakes).

Mmmmm. Real sweet and smooth bourbon flavor, and crunchy cornflakes (I wanted more flakes). It reminded us of our friend Marj’s “special dessert,” which usually consists of ice cream with rum and Kahlua poured on top.

We proceeded to check out a couple of bars, settling at Zeitgeist, where the outdoor area wasn’t too crowded yet. Shared a pitcher of Death & Taxes (I love that beer!) and chatted with a friendly guy at our table.

Pretty exhausted by the time we got home last night. Enjoying a nice at-home Sunday today.

Many friends are coming to visit us in June, I can’t wait!


~ by plastron on June 1, 2009.

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