things have been good…

…but busy. Both Michelle and I have been getting plenty of extra substitute librarian hours at work, and with lengthy commute times, this makes for some tired folks. I swear, lately I get home, eat, and just about fall asleep on the couch immediately afterward.

But this is good. Work = Money, and more importantly (maybe?) Experience and Confidence in your Profession. I’ve particularly been enjoying working in the youth department, helping marble-mouthed kids find the next book in their favorite series or making reader’s advisory recommendations for parents and tutors. While sorting carts of picture books in alphabetical order, I take the time to read a few. I feel like I’m just at the beginning of a process that ends in me being an effective youth librarian, with a good knowledge of authors and works to recommend off the top of my head.

I’ve been riding my bicycle a bit more lately, more than I ever did in Florida (I went years without riding). The key thing for me is the climate difference. In Florida, I would be pouring sweat after 10 minutes. Here, I can bike 45 minutes downtown to pick up a bus that takes me to work, and I am sweating a bit, but it’s so chilly out that my body temp stays within limits that don’t leave me panting and redfaced. It feels great, but some of these San Francisco hills are tough, and I need to work on figuring out bypass routes.

This city is crazy full of great public events, and we’ve been trying to check out as much as we can. Two weekends ago was the How Weird Street Faire, wherein a few downtown blocks are secured, and people party in costumes, dancing to electronic music at any one of 10 stages. Our friend Ashley accompanied us, and we made a nice furry trio:

Sure, there were some sketchy freaks there, including folks who were desperately trying to:

A) get drugs from you,

B) sell you their drugs, or

C) obtain your social validation/sexual participation by dancing practically naked (except for a coating of gold paint) right in your face.

Knowing that San Francisco attracts a lot of New College alums, I have to also remember that some portion of them must be the classic New College Sketchy Alums, as some of the people I saw evoked.

Anyway, it was an awesome event, and dancing on a cool sunny day with a backdrop of tall buildings beats the hell out of dancing in a dark, sweaty club. We should all do this much more often.

This past weekend, our friend Katie visited, and we toured the Haight and the Mission, with obligatory stops at Dolores Park and Zeitgeist’s incredibly crowded “beer garden” (I use this term loosely, having visited real, exponentially more awesome beer gardens in Munich).

Saturday there was an Asian Cultural Festival downtown (Michelle & Katie went, I had to work). Sunday, the annual Bay to Breakers event, a big damn race across the city. While there are still some dedicated people who actually race (or at least travel the full distance- less than 7 miles), for many folks this is another huge street party, and I hear there is some major drunkenness to go along with the floats and costumes. There was a big to-do this year because the police and many residents didn’t want people doing keg stands on floats or pissing in people’s front yards (the bastards!). Ultimately, people still got to do what they wanted (though more Port-a-potties were provided), but I hear the tone was a bit less crazy than recent years. Again, I had to work.

Next weekend there’s a Carnaval parade in the Mission, and Michelle and I get a few days off together (which hasn’t happened in a few weeks).

I hope you are all doing well~


~ by plastron on May 20, 2009.

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