Last Easter Sunday, we rode our bicycles all the way across the city to Potrero Hill, where we and friends attended the Bring Your Own Big Wheels Race. Several years old now, the big event consists of hundreds of people in costume, riding children’s Big Wheels vehicles (and all kinds of other things, like skateboards, trashcans, and coolers) down a super-steep, winding hill.

There were hundreds more folks watching, everyone crowded around various turns in the road, watching with glee as the racers crashed, got run over, or had their wheels shredded.

Totally bitchin’ way to spend an afternoon. What a fun event, what a fun city. After we saw enough of the races, we rode west to Dolores Park in the Mission. It had been oozing people earlier, and was still full but waning. When I returned from going to get a burrito and some beer, an impromptu dance party was going on, reminding me of New College wall parties.


~ by plastron on April 24, 2009.

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