been busy… or something

Either my blogthirst has been quenched, or I’ve been lazy, or busy, or just plain lazy. You haven’t heard from me in a while. Don’t get excited– this is not the epic blog post you’ve been anticipating. I’m just checking in real quick to feed my blogcat and water the plants.

Michelle and I have been busy– flew out to San Francisco to interview with a library system south of the city. Nice libraries, nice people. Michelle captured their attention, and has some follow-up interviews going on. Maybe we get to move out west after all?

We took a couple of days after the interview to visit friends and see the area a bit more. After beers at the Toronado, on the way to a diner in the Castro, we come upon a bakery showcasing their holiday tree, made entirely of bread:

Our friends took us a bit north to Muir Woods, where we saw the obligatory towering redwoods (quite nice), as well as these tiny ladybugs, amassed in huge numbers to keep warm:

I am actually flying back out that way soon, to take a written exam (part of another library system’s hiring process).

Elsewise, things have been good. Florida winter weather is spectacular, it’s such a nice time for long walks and just being outside in general. We’ve been blessed with several visits from friends who used to live in Sarasota, and who we miss and love so much.

Oh, yeah. And the administration that ruled by fear and fiat, that launched wars that have killed hundreds of thousands and hurt millions more, that smirked as it stripped US citizens of their Constitutional rights– this administration quietly exited yesterday and was replaced by an intelligent man who seems capable of representing the US while maintaining dignity and affording respect to others. I’m pretty hopeful about this, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s pretty damn sad that the bar was been lowered so far that I’m just happy to not have a grade-A asshole in the White House.


~ by plastron on January 22, 2009.

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