Last night’s dream…

My wife and I are camping with a group of people in some anonymous place (we’re in a cabin, does that still count as camping?). As part of an evening’s entertainment, the two of us hold onto suspended ropes with our teeth, are lifted into the air, and spin around in synchronized circles with our eyes closed, arms out as if we are flying.

Later, in daylight, I look out the rooftop window of our cabin (which is like a tiny version of the wooden house I actually live in), and see that a few bears have found our group’s vehicles and are having a lot of fun with the wheeled toys. Obviously, I have left our rental car in neutral with the parking brake off, because one bear is having a grand time pushing the thing back and forth, ramming it into other cars, etc. It’s distressing to watch, but ultimately I’m just happy to be relatively far away from the bears.

“It’s a good thing we opted for extra insurance on that rental!” I exclaim to my wife.

“Umm, actually, we didn’t do that,” she reminds me.


Later, I am watching Disney’s animated version of Cinderella, although the end of the film features an extended abstract psychedelic lightshow. I don’t seem to remember this part of the movie…. kaleidoscopic flurries of lemon-yellow particles swirl before me, growing brighter and more intricate, building to a powerful climax. Wow.

…and then I wake up in bed, the mid-morning sun reaching through the blinds and covering my face.


~ by plastron on November 16, 2008.

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