bat o’clock

Michelle and I returned from vacation a week ago (details and pics to follow), and have been enjoying this strange sensation of not having looming assignment deadlines and articles on library management to read.

Last night we took a walk at the Red Bug Slough Preserve… it was easily 20% more humid in the woods there than it is anywhere else around here (and it’s pretty bad overall right now). Heard some strange animal sounds, tried to entice a young squirrel into our clutches, and then as it got dark we headed back to our truck, when….

BATS! Bats swooping around our heads and right in front of us, snatching up mosquitoes and any other insects around. We stopped and just watched them for 5-10 minutes. They would appear from seemingly nowhere, speeding towards us, then suddenly turn away and disappear. Freaking incredible. We sat down so that we could see their silhouettes against the sky, and figured there must have been at least a dozen or so, as we could sometimes see as many as five at a time. So fast, totally silent, and so hungry for insects. The experience was one of those things I will really miss when I leave Florida.


~ by plastron on August 30, 2008.

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