America’s Funnyman

It happened. About two (or is it three?) weeks ago, Michelle and I made the drive to Ybor City to see Neil Hamburger’s comedic set at the Crowbar. I even got a parking ticket, but who cares? It was worth it to get way drunk and yell at America’s Funnyman.

In case you’re not familiar with him, Neil Hamburger’s schtick is that he is a very bad comedian, with poor timing and worse taste. He’s also really disgusting. Notice that he has about three drinks under one arm, plus the one in his hand. One of his gags involves loudly clearing his throat, spitting into his glass, and then taking a sip. Classy stuff! He regularly gets heckled and curmudgeonly deals out verbal assaults of his own. If you can dig this kind of thing, going to one of his shows is quite a treat.

His current tour is in support of his new album of country music songs, however his band could not make it to the show, and so he mostly performed a straight-up stand-up act. We had a blast, and he had a good dozen or so committed fans in the audience. Afterwards, we said hello and I was pleased to notice that he actually does slip out of character, talking to us in a very meek, polite voice.

Geez, what a weirdo. Perhaps I will soon get around to uploading some of the video clips I recorded from the show.


~ by plastron on July 11, 2008.

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