Soap Bopper

When I was wee, I misheard the term “soap opera,” instead interpreting those sounds as “soap bopper.” I still think soap bopper is a cooler term overall, and apparently I’m not the only one who misheard this term (as a Google search informs me).

Never thought I’d actually get into soap boppers, though. Now I’m thoroughly addicted to Degrassi: The Next Generation, which is a serial show focusing mainly on Canadian high schoolers and the crazy shit they get themselves into. It’s not at all like my own high school experience, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. I think I find it fun to engage in teenage problems as a voyeur, from the relative safety of my late twenties.

It’s a little ironic that these days I may spend half an hour searching for decent downloads of Degrassi episodes to feed my habit, yet I’m pretty sure I’m not going to my 10 year high school graduation. I scoff at the ticket prices and the fact that the reunion events are being held in clubs which I would probably never enter under normal circumstances. Truth is, I only had a few close friends in high school, and most everyone else I avoided out of social awkwardness. I don’t think my reunion interactions would be that much different, except that I could be drunk. But I can do that at home, too.


~ by plastron on May 24, 2008.

One Response to “Soap Bopper”

  1. Hey Chris- it’s Andrew Gill- do you remember me? I found your blog through the reunion site. I’m not going either, but it appears we have some common interests now in filmmaking and craft beer. are you going to film school? if so, that’s awesome. isn’t it weird how many of our classmates are lawyers now?

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