Oooh, Matmos has a new album out! It’s called Supreme Balloon, and is made entirely with antique synthesizers (Moog, Waldorf, etc.) instead of obscure samples. They have a video online for one track, “Exciter Lamp and the Variable Band.” Click that link and check it out.

It is dedicated to Norman McLaren, who was a Scottish filmmaker/animator who worked for the National Film Board of Canada. McLaren is one of my favorite animators– he made brilliant, clever short films with incredible effects, using some very painstaking methods. Visual Music was one of his main interests. This is shown nicely in Begone Dull Care, which he made by painting and scratching directly on film, synchronizing to a musical score.

Another good example of his Visual Music films is Synchromy, in which the same blocks of color you see on the screen are reproduced on the soundtrack area of the filmstrip, so that you are literally hearing what you see. There are many more McLaren films on Youtube, but keep in mind that the quality is not great, and you get a much better experience watching a DVD (if not an actual film!). There is a DVD compilation of McLaren’s work, as well as a long series of DVDs that compiles all of his films. They’re available on Netflix, as well as other places. Check it out! Not many people make films like this man did.


~ by plastron on May 11, 2008.

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