What’s the haps?

What’s new with me? It’s hard to tell anymore, because the mainstream media news sources won’t report on the really important stuff going on in my life, but rather just the trashy, embarrassing shit I get myself into. Support local media, people!

Let’s see… the last couple of weeks have been an enjoyable break from school. I’ve spent many hours reading Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, as well as Anthony Bourdain‘s books Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour. Bourdain is pretty cool– sure, he’s an arrogant, not-particularly-intellectual New York chef, but at least he’s self-deprecating and has a good conversational tone to his writing. Also been watching his TV show, No Reservations, where he goes all over the world and eats and drinks a lot. I like food, and I like travel, so it makes me happy.

Oh yes– as a final project for a class last semester, I made a small webpage on Food Writing. It’s intended to be a kind of reader’s advisory tool, to help people out in exploring this genre a little bit, give them some places to start with. Here it is, and I’m slightly proud. I was especially interested in reading about molecular gastronomy, and I would like to read some books on the subject, with the aim of making cooking more interesting for me.

Last night: my good friends James & Jamie visited from Ft. Lauderdale, and we had a nice picnic at the Red Bug Slough preserve (pictured). Soon, they leave Florida for a new home in Boston! Happy trails, y’all.

Tonight: my good friends Eric & Marjorie are having an engagement party! Whoo! Congratulations guys, you rawk!

This week: summer semester begins. It will be my last term in the program, and in August I will have my Master’s in Library & Information Science.  This term I’m taking a required course in library management/administration. It doesn’t look particularly interesting, but it may help shed some light on whatever the hell all those people in management do (or, what they should be doing).

Currently, the Reference department I work in (in a public library) does not have a manager, as the county doesn’t have funds to hire one. So, we are expected to handle management responsibilities as a team (of course, without any compensation), yet we have not had much success so far in implementing our own team decisions (struck down by managers in other departments). Maybe this course will help. Maybe it’ll just make me angrier at my boss (the supervisor for the whole library). Either way, it will provide precious course credits needed for my diploma.

Somewhat more interesting is my other course. Michelle and I are working together on an independent study project, wherein we will read a ton of comic books and graphic novels, and write short papers about them and such. I want to read work for both adults and young adults, with an interest in getting a good grasp of the range of work that is available, so that I can help advise interested readers. We already have so many good-looking comics to read, there is a world of talent in the format. I’m particularly interested in reading Castle Waiting (by Linda Medley) and Black Hole (by Charles Burns). Got any recommendations for me?


~ by plastron on May 10, 2008.

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