my favorite blog


Have I told you yet about riotclitshave?


It’s my absolutely most favorite blog- the author is a nice lady who scours the web, selecting interesting photos that cover a very broad range: cute, hilarious, horrifying, sad, sexy, super-kinky, mind-blowingly beautiful, etc. She’s got a great eye, and she will sometimes post images in themed sets (though she doesn’t announce the theme).

There’s a very committed group of people who have conversations on the comments pages for each photo, and these are especially interesting, because these folks have a wide range of backgrounds, and bring their own knowledge to the discussion. Check it out sometime.

However… the author, Fulguritus, is very adamant that you don’t hotlink to the pictures she posts. If you want to show these images on your page or blog, please do as I have done, and download the images and repost them, do not just link to her page.

Not hotlinking is a general good web practice (as I have recently learned)… some folks feel very strongly about this, and if you hotlink to their pages (effectively leaching off their bandwidth), they might decide to have some fun by replacing the images you’re linking to. See?


~ by plastron on March 9, 2008.

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