Brooklyn Beer Dinner

On President’s Day (Feb. 18), Michelle and I attended a private beer-pairing dinner at our favorite pub, The Cock & Bull. It was presided over by Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, Garrett Oliver. Garrett has written a wonderful book, The Brewmaster’s Table, which serves both as an introduction to beer appreciation and to pairing beer with food. My grandparents bought me the book for Christmas, and I’ve found that Garrett rivals the late great Michael Jackson in terms of beer writing.

Have a look at the night’s menu:

Reception ~ Brooklyn Lager

Amuse ~ Scallop with Horseradish Marmalade paired with Brooklyn Pennant

Salad ~ Papa’s Orange, Arugula, Red Onion Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette paired with Brooklyn Weisse

Soup ~ Trio of Squash Soup paired with Brooklyn Local 1

Entrée ~ Lamb with Grandma’s Carambola Chutney, Tomato Bread
Pudding, and Brune Buttered Brussels Sprouts with Aged Balsamic Vinegar Reduction paired with Brooklyn Brown Ale

Dessert ~ Boutique S’mores (homemade marshmallows, painted chocolate, and homemade graham crackers) paired with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

…The food was all very good, especially the soup, and the beer pairings were fun to discuss with the people at our table. Garrett would speak to the room before each dish was served, telling a story about the next featured beer, and explaining how certain flavors in the brew could interact with the food’s flavors. Overall, it was really fun and informative, and I gave some of my home-infused East Kent Goldings hops vodka to Garrett and to Howie & Dawn, the pub’s king and queen.

Here’s myself, Michelle, and Garrett, with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout in hand…

myself, Michelle, Garrett Oliver

…and Garrett with painted chocolate (for the s’mores)…

Garrett Oliver & painted Brooklyn chocolate


And did I mention that the Cock & Bull recently completed installing a huge new beer cooler and spiffy bar? It’s incredible, they have so much selection out to look at now, sitting at the bar and perusing the bottles is a lot of fun. Here is a shot of most of the new cooler (there are a few sections around the corner of the bar, not visible):

Cock & Bull cooler



~ by plastron on March 2, 2008.

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