…in which February kicks my ass

Well friends, it’s been a rough week. A week ago on Friday, our guinea pig Moon Unit passed away. Michelle and I had been encouraged that she seemed to be gaining some energy, but she still wasn’t eating or drinking nearly as much as she should have. Even with regular feedings via syringe every 2-3 hours, she remained very thin, and we accepted that she was going to make her choice, and we’d have to live with it. At least she’s not hurting anymore.

Because we wanted to keep our other guinea pig, Cosmo, and these rodents enjoy companionship, Michelle adopted another one on Monday from the Humane Society. Her name (for now) is Apple, and apparently she had been sitting in a cage in a room full of cats for about two weeks, so I think we can provide a better home for her. She’s real cute, and fairly social (she seems to have already made friends with Cosmo). She had her checkup with the vet yesterday, and Michelle reports that she’s a little underweight and lacking vitamin C, so we’re going to supplement her diet with that and give her plenty to eat.

Library grad school is moving along…. my web design class is fairly challenging, and the professor doesn’t seem willing to admit mistakes in her assignment instructions, but that’s alright, because it just gives me more evidence to feed my feeling that many teachers have major authority issues and are in the profession for the power (however limited that may be). Growing up, I really looked up to some teachers and aspired to be one. In high school I first encountered a favorite teacher who showed herself to be immature and petty, and since then I’ve met a few who follow that mold. Fortunately, there are also many incredible educators that inspire me with their maturity and creative approach to the profession. Cheers to them, for they reinstill my love of learning and wipe away my crusty cynicism, like so many windshield wipers!

Otherwise, the past week has been shadowed by the climactic explosion of some long-simmering interpersonal frustrations, punctuated by mundane arguments that concern putting dishes away and smoking cigarettes.

However, last night I took a nice respite from all of that and saw my friend rock out at an Irish/German/pirate-themed bar on Main Street. Friends and recreation are good, so good. I just found out that at least three of them are going to visit from out of town later this month, and you know that’s a welcome thing.

Tonight, I get to sit down with “Sensuous Burgundy,” a Barbara Delinsky romance novel I’m reading for my class in adult genre fiction. Reading about the romance genre is kind of interesting– I didn’t know that one point (perhaps in the 19th century), these novels only featured sex if the woman protagonist didn’t want it. That’s right, folks– sex was only socially acceptable in literature if it was rape.


~ by plastron on February 10, 2008.

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