Moon Unit!

Que disastro! Around 5:30 AM, Michelle and I were woken up by the shrill cries of one of our lady guinea pigs. Cosmo and Moon Unit both live outside, in a makeshift cage. Michelle stuck her head out the bathroom window to hear a rustling in the leaves, and then we ran downstairs to rescue whichever of the critters had been caught.

Michelle caught up with Moon Unit, who had been dropped in our driveway, a good distance from her cage. We brought her inside and examined her… the poor thing has about three or four bite marks on her head, and she was bleeding and very freaked out. Michelle cleaned her up and trimmed some of her huge mane of hair.

We couldn’t get to see a vet until about 8:30, but eventually we got her some medical attention. The vet seemed hopeful, and after cleaning her wounds, she sent us home with two weeks’ worth of antibiotics. We’ll have to keep her isolated from Cosmo for a while, because guinea pigs are strange and savage creatures, and the doctor explained that sometimes they will try to attack and kill one of their own if it is injured.

Any good thoughts, prayers, or distance Reiki would be heartily appreciated… we love that little pig, even if she screams whenever we pick her up.


~ by plastron on January 19, 2008.

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