the doctor is much better, thank you

Thanks to all of your good wishes, thoughts, prayers, distance Reiki, distance Bodytalking, elaborate care packages, and the antibiotics prescribed by a friendly animal doctor, our Dr. Kitten is fully recovered from his puncture wound injury!

make it go away!

Yes, we can tell he’s feeling better, because he’s returned to his normal neurotic activities, such as getting mad at me for no reason, attacking me for no reason, eating all his damn food for no reason….

Most notably, this weekend he brought Michelle yet another juvenile black racer (this is a favorite activity of his). Michelle was kind enough to scoop the little snake up and let him go, but not before she took some glamour shots of this handsome youngster.

juvenile black racer

These little snakes are pretty harmless, but they are very defensive when cornered, and will strike out at your broom as you try to sweep them out the door. Michelle discovered that they also rattle their tails, mimicking rattlesnakes. Dr. K brings them upstairs all the time, and I can never figure out how he manages to not get bitten. I suppose it’s terrifying enough for a snake to be picked up and carried in a cat’s jaws, just to be put down and stared at (that’s all he does, I’ve never seen Dr. K really attack the snakes).


~ by plastron on December 3, 2007.

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