your friendly neighborhood ibis

North and south Florida have fairly different types of plantlife… coming from Jacksonville, where I was used to ample green woodsiness, I found the full-on tropical flora of Sarasota to be a bit jarring. I always thought palm trees and all manner of weird-ass tropical plants were a false Florida stereotype, as I’d certainly never seen them around north Florida. Then I came down south in 1998, and saw all this out of place stuff all around me (a lot of plantlife in Sarasota is not native to the region).

However, a nice surprise is the abundance of interesting animals around here, particularly birds. Herons, cranes, and all sorts of birds I can’t name are everywhere…. sometimes puzzlingly wandering around in major traffic intersections.

In my neighborhood we can often see big flocks of white ibises… they are usually all together, hunting for insects on a neighbor’s lawn. Last week I finally happened to have my camera with me when I drove past a group of them. Take a look-see:

neighborhood ibises

yum, insects!


~ by plastron on December 1, 2007.

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