the doctor is sick

Whisker City siesta

So, last weekend Dr. Kitten got in a scrap with some foul creature, and wound up with a deep puncture wound on his left flank. We got him to a real doctor, who prescribed antibiotics and basically let us know that the oozing of disgusting pus from his wound is a good thing, and much better than if it were to become an abscess and fester. But lord, does he smell! Poor kitty… he just keeps to himself for the most part and sneezes a lot (has a fever, too), and leaks cat fluid on our sheets when we’re not looking.

Anywho, let’s all wish him a speedy and healthy recovery, so he can get back mauling lizards and snakes around the house. I do love that cat something fierce…


~ by plastron on November 18, 2007.

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