my date with Charlie Manson

I visited three Halloween parties this weekend! First up on Friday, Marj & Eric’s “Spy vs. Spy vs. Monster” party, where I dressed as Number 6 from the 1960s British TV show, The Prisoner. Michelle dressed up as Charlie Manson!

my date with Charlie Manson

(the goofy glasses were a bonus, not part of my costume)

History's two greatest monsters

(History’s two greatest monsters!)


(I drank lots of good beer)

And then on Saturday, we went to our friend Nikki’s party, with a short interlude at the New College campus to see how their PCP (Palm Court Party) was going. Eh. Ingmar had a perfect chill-out room set up, but otherwise it was not too exciting (plus, I barely know anyone on campus anymore). Back at Nikki’s, we donned Johnny Courage‘s creative costume-sculptures and had a grand time until I got way tired.

my golf bag geisha

Chris as No. 6 with goggles

My friends are so badass.

p.s. many more pics here 


~ by plastron on October 28, 2007.

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