Yes folks, you guessed it… this week is Squirrel Awareness Week (and to some extent, I think October is Squirrel Awareness Month). Sunday’s NY Times Magazine has a pretty good article about how US gray squirrels are dominating red squirrels in Britain, and what the Brits are doing about it (hint: it involves blunt trauma to the gray squirrel head). Although the US gray squirrel was introduced to Britain by English aristocracy who were amused by the critters (but then became bored and released them into the wild), there seems to be an undercurrent of blame aimed at America for the invasive scourge. What they need to understand is that we have no control over the squirrels here… in a way, we live at their mercy.

Anyway, please enjoy some ridiculously silly squirrel pics. 


~ by plastron on October 10, 2007.

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