Akron/Family show at New College

So, by some miracle, Michelle and I got to enjoy a free show played by Akron/Family up at the New College campus last Monday night. As always, those NC kids know how to make an event nice, providing a BBQ and keg to get people loosened up. The band was going to play outside, but after Megafaun did their set, it started raining, and everyone pitched in to help move the equipment into the less-than-stellar space of the Hamilton Center cafeteria.

Laptop musician Greg Davis did a short bristling/calm set of ambience and noise. I got to say hello to him and remind him of when he played at NC in 2004 with Keith Fullerton Whitman and I had the pleasure of doing a live video show with them.

When Akron/Family got going, they got Greg Davis and Megafaun playing with them, so it was a nice full stage. Starting off with “Moment,” they all beat the hell out of their drums, making such a nice racket. One guy had a plastic baseball bat he was going nuts with.

These pics are not from the NC show, but this guy did come out to play and dance with the audience, who loved it. Overall, the performance was great– they covered a lot of their noisier tunes, but I did really enjoy hearing “Future Myth.” “Raising the Sparks” was great, however somebody inadvertently unplugged the mics, so the vocals were cut from that and several songs. They played for about 2.5 hours! I could only have been happier if Michael Gira had made an appearance and played some of the new Angels of Light material… by the way, his new album “We are Him” is phenomenal, and you should hear it sometime soon.

I even got to talk with a very drunk and friendly NC student who recognized me from working at the NC library, and he was thrilled to find out I was an alum. He also expounded on his belief that Christ and Krishna are basically the same, but I tend to think of Krishna as more sexually charged. Also, he’s blue! You decide:


~ by plastron on September 16, 2007.

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