farewell to the beer hunter

Michael Jackson, the “beer hunter,” died of a heart attack recently on August 30, 2007. Mr. Jackson was an influential journalist and author of several books on beer appreciation (as well as whiskey and scotch)… some would say that the current “beer advocate” movement can be attributed largely to his writings, as well as his limited TV series, “The Beer Hunter,” in which he travels to breweries in various places throughout North America and Europe.

Mr. Jackson suffered heavily from Parkinson’s disease in the last several years of his life, and in a recent interview, discloses that he wanted to write a book about the illness, entitled “I Am Not Drunk.” You can find this interview, information on a planned Sept. 30 toast in his honor, and several of his writings here. You can find his books easily enough through any online bookseller, local bookstore, or very possibly at your local library.



~ by plastron on September 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “farewell to the beer hunter”

  1. So sad!

  2. […] bought me the book for Christmas, and I’ve found that Garrett rivals the late great Michael Jackson in terms of beer […]

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