belated honeymoon pics

Sarasota & Munster connect in Bamberg

So, my wife and I got back two weeks ago from a two-week vacation to Germany and the Czech Republic, where we traipsed around, saw beautiful things, met friendly people, ate hearty food, and drank lots of fresh, delicious beer. We were married in October 2005, but have not had the time or money to make such a honeymoon trek until just recently. I will post a bit of a narrative about our travels soon, but now I am becoming consumed with work and new grad school library science courses. For now, please enjoy our 350 or so pictures (culled from about 1000):

The rough chronology of our trip, if you care to follow the pics in that way, was: Prague, Bamberg, Munich, Berchtesgaden (day trip from Munich), Prague, Kutna Hora (day trip from Prague), Krasny Les (overnight trip from Prague).

The pic shown here is Michelle raising a glass with a group of four middle-aged bicycle-vacationing men from Munster, who we encountered at the Mahr’s Brau pub in Bamberg. Nice, rowdy, fun fellows!


~ by plastron on September 5, 2007.

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