pants lizard

Last night I received an eagerly-anticipated brand new Canon SD600 digital camera. Except it wasn’t brand-new, it was refurbished. Fuckers. I’ll get my money, just you wait…..

This morning, my wife put her pants on and discovered that a glass lizard was vacationing in them. Glass lizards look like snakes, but are lizards that lose their legs as they grow, and then move around like snakes. They’re very brittle and break easily, hence the name. They’re very docile and “nice” creatures, if you’re into attributing human emotions to reptiles (I am). Josette kindly escorted the little guy out to the backyard, carefully avoiding Dr. Kitten.

If I had a brand new camera, I would surely have taken a picture of it. But instead I’ll get a refund and buy the newer, spiffier Canon SD1000. It has a sweet time-lapse feature, so I can finally figure out who’s been drinking all my damn beer when I’m too drunk to notice…


~ by plastron on July 19, 2007.

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