pow! pow! powerwheels!

So my wife and I are taking a belated honeymoon to Prague and Munich for two weeks in August, and all I can do when I’m avoiding school work is read all about these cities and the wonderful things we’ll get to do when we get there. Luckily we have a good friend who lives in Prague, who has offered to show us around– always a good thing in a foreign country. Especially since my Czech language skills are non-existent, at best. It will be thrilling to tour two separate cultures that hold beer artistry as a major cultural point of pride.

But check this out– from April until August in Munich, every Monday night is a Blade Night, where several roads are closed to auto traffic, leaving five distinct routes open to inline roller-skaters.


Seeing as how most of my roller-skating experience involves going around in a big oval while listening to 80s club hits, being able to roller-blade through a Bavarian city is a pretty fun thing to think about.

But here’s my worry: because I haven’t skated in a long time, will I totally fuck up my ankles and then not be able to walk or bike around the city the next day?


~ by plastron on July 6, 2007.

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