Mango-Pineapple Vodka

I’ve been playing around with infusing vodka with delicious things for a few months now. It’s very simple, fun, and provides a less filling diversion from my preferred beverage, craft beer. I’ve found some online resources with good tips and recipes, notably this place:

Now, I’m not as scientifically-minded as those guys (I’m struggling through my Research Methods class!), but it’s not too hard to find some fresh ingredients, chop ’em up, add them to vodka, shake once a day, and then wait for several weeks.

Ginger vodka was a success: spicy and aromatic, it provides a nice burning sensation that competes with the vodka itself. I also have some almonds infusing right now, but they may take a while longer to really let their full flavor shine.

A month ago I checked on my pineapple vodka, which had been infusing for at least 6 weeks. The pineapple flavor was present, but overwhelmed by the vodka burn. So I decided to take out the pineapple and add mango, to create a tropical mixture. I chopped up 4 ataulfo mangoes (the self-proclaimed “champagne of mangoes”) and added them to the pineapple vodka. Last night, I sampled the results after a month of infusion.

Wow! Really delicious. The pineapple is mostly overwhelmed by the mango, but I think that it does lend a clean sweetness that augments the creamy luscious taste of the mango. I could barely detect any pure vodka flavor. I’m going to let this infuse for a few weeks more, methinks, in the hope that the wonderment will be amplified.


~ by plastron on July 2, 2007.

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