Summer in Sarasota, FL is humid as all get out, and it’s just beginning. With the rise in temperature comes an influx of insects into our home. So far, fruit flies and reincarnated freegans (roaches) have settled in, but no mosquitoes yet, due to a lack of rain. Happily, summer also means packs of brown anole lizards everywhere! I love the little fellas and gals, and try to keep Dr. Kitten from mauling them whenever I can. There’s one hanging out just under the range in our gas stove now. His name is Charles. Everyone, please welcome him into my home, with the hope that he will munch up many a roach.

Oh, this reminds me of a video I shot last summer in my home. I found a lizard in the process of eating a small gecko, and filmed the results. I should note that this footage is unsettling, gruesome, and yet captivating.


~ by plastron on June 28, 2007.

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