my best friend, the beautiful lady that married me

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out and about

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view of SF from Mt. Sutro

artichoke flowers


Bring the {{{BASS}}}

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You know you love it.

…and you’ll find some much better quality audio on this free mp3.

Courtesy of the Miami Bass Warriors.

Now who wants to go rollerskating?

semi-new Clarion Alley art

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Wow, it has been about six months since I posted anything here. There are a few reasons. After I moved to San Francisco, I was awash in exciting things to experience, and often wrote about them here. At some point, I began to feel that: (A) I was bragging, which is not good form, and (B) the awesome experiences were going to keep coming, and I couldn’t really keep up with writing about them all. Concerning (A), I don’t really think I brag, but it’s in my modest nature to occasionally think so. Expanding upon (B), at some point I dove right into living it up here and stopped worrying about chronicling it all.

Another big reason I stopped blogging was the rise of Facebook usage in my friend network. When FB went to a Twitter-style setup, it seemed to gain a lot of usage, shifting from mainly sharing news articles or interesting websites, to microblogging. FB encouraged users to tell everyone what was on their mind, and they did just that. Often to the point of absurdity. Often going beyond thought to mundanities such as physical location (“I’m in line at airport security!!”).

Whenever I really want to, I can post a little status update that need not be as composed as my blog posts are, and before I knew it, Blak Yak Tacklebox did not hold enough appeal to merit an hour of writing. Also, now that so many friends were microblogging on FB, any kind of blogging sort of lost its appeal. At a certain point, after many people linked their Twitter accounts to FB and I received stacks of inane chatter, I started to get real sick of the whole idea of sharing your life online. I have nothing against it inherently, it’s just a matter of media infoglut.

The product holds its fair share of guilt for my incredulous boredom. Why the hell are person-to person exchanges between my friends broadcast to my feed? Yes, I’m friends with Person A and Person B, but it’s going a little far to publish their wall discussion to me. Of course, I eventually found out that there are settings to fix this.

If I may continue this digression…

It seems that a straightforward email has become analogous to a handwritten letter. There are friends of mine who I email and can’t get a reply, yet I see their off-the-cuff jokes and thoughts posted all over FB. I understand this– the format of FB allows any of us to easily comment without having to compose our thoughts. Quickly, quickly, there are more statuses and articles and funny videos to look at and comment on!

I do think this has an effect on our attention spans, and while I still use FB (albeit less and less often), I think it’s a good idea to step away and consider how your particular information consumption habits affect how you think. I noticed a distinct rapid-fire online reading behavior beginning to take hold, which entailed me scanning a lot but not necessarily retaining much information. I don’t want my attention span to splinter more than is inevitable, and so I’ve been trying to get that under control.

But lately I have been writing some blog posts for work (mostly book and album reviews), and doing that reminded me that I get some satisfaction from writing. So I will try to write more here, if just to make myself feel productive. More to come very soon, thanks for reading…

sometimes coffee makes me feel this way…

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…but I still love it.

Putting the “it” back in “shit”

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Last Saturday night, we went with some friends to see Themselves play a show at Bottom of the Hill. If you don’t know, Themselves is rapper Dose One and beatman Jel, both of the Anticon label. I’ve been digging these guys and others in their crew for about ten years now, and Michelle and I have enjoyed many shows, all of which greatly exceed any other hip hop live acts we’ve seen (Anti-Pop Consortium included).

So they just released a free “mixtape,” (theFREEhoudini) full of collaborations with other rappers in the family, and some songs off their upcoming album, Crownsdown. Dose has been straying from straight rap a bit in the past years, with Subtle and 13 & God projects, and I enjoy that stuff, but it’s great to hear him get back to some pretty badass fast rap (delivered in his famous nasally voice). And Jel…damn! He mans an MPC, a sampler that he triggers by playing it like a bongo (check out this video, really). Incredibly deft, he makes button-pushing a real musical art.

Lemme just say they had me captivated. Between each song (they played stuff from all over their career thus far), Dose would chat with the crowd, throw out strange nonsense jokes, and just generally be uniquely entertaining. Then back to the next song, where he would spit incredibly fast rhythmic lyrics with such ease. I wished the show was longer, I wished the crowd had joined our calls for a second encore, and I wish that opener Odd Nosdam’s set hadn’t been such an utter trainwreck. Otherwise… damn! Thanks for the great music, guys.

Oh yeah… Pitchfork just posted an interview with Dose One about his various projects and current activities here.